ID @ PW:
 The company adheres to the principle of “Human Resources Are the Primary Resources”, arranges work according to the employees’ skills and abilities, implements the competition mechanism of “Promote the Capable, Replace the Moderate and Reject the Incapable”, inspires employees’ potential and creativity, creates growing conditions for the talent, improves talent’s value, measures employees’ value to the company by their abilities and contributions, and makes outstanding employees with upright behaviors, professionalism, diligence, business abilities and high working efficiency stand out. The company strives to have all the employees give full play to their talents and make good use of employees.
 The company advocates a “Healthy, Happy, Positive and Scientific” work concept. Only by having a good health and enjoying work can one truly feel the fun of life.
 The development of the company is not only the combination of individual interest and enterprise interest, but more the common ideal and values shared by everybody, which will be the energy source to drive the company to grow and develop.
 The company provides each employee with sound salary and welfare security as well as broad development space.