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““Products Are Limited but not the Service” is the service concept of Huahong. No matter the old or new friends of Huahong, they both will feel the spring-like enthusiasm from Huahong service. Huahong grants profound connotation to all its circles from pre-sales service to sales service and after-sales service, having the customers feel the considerate and attentive service of the company ever since stepping into the company. The concept of “Standardization, Personalization, Humanization” is melted into the whole process from the survey and communication before sale, to supply of goods and delivery during the sale and to guidance and feedback after the sale. In the marketing concept of “User First”, Huahong has set up the 24-hour service hotline to learn about customer demand, solve customers’ questions and accept customers’ suggestions at the shortest possible time. Just because of the above concepts and measures, Huahong has had stable customer groups, who have become the most loyal partners of Huahong and seek for common development with Huahong.